AEROSTAKS Ultralight PEM Fuel Cell - 500W

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AEROSTAKS are special Horizon designed fuel cells that are up to 10 times lighter and smaller than other fuel cells. AEROSTAK fuel cells are typically used in specialty applications where weight is a critical factor. They are available in three standard ratings and specifications, but can be modified at additional costs according to other nominal and peak power, or voltage requirements.

How did Horizon make the AEROSTAKS lighter?

Horizon developed proprietary cellular level water management technologies eliminating cumbersome and typically heavy external water management systems which are needed in conventional PEM fuel cell systems. This, combined with the use of high performance and lightweight materials, makes the AEROSTAK special assemblies the most power dense PEM fuel cell stacks in the world, reaching power densities of over 1W per gram.

Based on ambient temperature and altitude below 3000 meters. Increased altitude changes the power curve due to the reduced oxygen partial pressure.

Hydrogen consumption is proportional to the output net current. At rated power, the maximum hydrogen consumption is less than 7 slp


  • Control Electronics
  • Hybrid battery card (charging)
  • Integrated blower and casing
  • Low pressure protection

 Fuel Cell Properties

  • Number of Cells: 45
  • Rated Power: 500W (600W Peak)
  • Starting Temperature: 1- 35 ̊C
  • Storage Temperature: 28 - 30 ̊C
  • Reactants: Hydrogen and Air
  • Ambient Temperature: 0 - 35°C
  • Hydrogen Pressure: 0.5 - 0.7 Bar
  • Humidification: Self-humidified
  • Cooling: Air (integrated fan)
  • Stack Weight (with Fan & Casing): 1400 g
  • Hydrogen Flow Rate at Max Output: < 7.6 L/min
  • Stack Size: 105 x 194 x 164 mm
  • Hydrogen Purity Requirement: 99.999% (dry H2)
  • Start up time < 30s (ambient temperature)
  • External Power Supply: 7S