About US

If you were looking for a reliable company that quickly and qualitatively implements innovative solutions, then truly opted for "Novator Lab". "Novator Lab" is one of the leading companies in the field of production and supply of teaching and laboratory equipment, which is used for practical training in scientific laboratories, professional and higher educational institutions, educational and certification centers.

Our company has been on the market for more than ten years. During this time we managed to significantly expand the range of services provided and earn an excellent reputation thanks to the feedback of our satisfied customers. In our work we apply a huge intellectual potential for the creation of high-tech software and technical complexes that meet the high standards of the modern market.

The main aspects of the "Novator Lab":

  • Equipment of training centers. We will help you create a productive learning environment for a quality and interesting workshop in any educational institution.

  • Renewable energy sources. The company is developing in the field of effective energy-saving technologies, such as geothermal energy supply, bioenergy, heat points, and successfully integrates them into its work.

  • Alternative energy. In our work we pay special attention to promising ways of obtaining, transmitting and using electricity received from sunlight or wind. Here you will find solar collectors, solar systems and much more.

  • Design and simulation of any plan and complexity. We are ready to perform works of varying complexity with the use of a wide variety of technological solutions.

  • High-precision metrological equipment. It's no secret that the quality, competitiveness, and often the safety of the products produced, directly depend on metrological support. The company "Novator Lab" offers only high-quality metrological solutions that allow to perform checks and calibrations with high accuracy.

  • Stands and test equipment. We offer hardware complexes of various complexity and completeness for testing substances, products or raw materials for operational, physical-technological or chemical characteristics.

  • Import substitution. We develop and produce quality and reliable analogues of foreign equipment.

The team "Novator Lab" employs highly qualified and responsible specialists. Thanks to their conscientious work, we have made significant progress and are not going to stop there.

Why should you contact "Novator Lab"?

  • At us you will find only the qualitative and reliable equipment meeting the requirements of safety and ergonomics.
  • The company uses only advanced technologies and innovative solutions.
  • Quickly and effectively provide technical assistance, consult and solve the problem of the customer.
  • We are a team of professionals and are ready for challenging tasks!
  • We have reasonable prices, in addition, there are good discounts for regular customers.
  • We carry out delivery and installation of orders throughout the territory of Russia and the near abroad.
  • All our products comply with the norms and standards, is certified and has a warranty period.

The "Novator Lab" company is always ready to help in achieving success and developing the field of activity. We are open for cooperation and are glad to see you as our partners and customers.