Commissioning and training

If necessary, we organize a visit of a specialist to the customer's site for commissioning, including a whole range of activities, thanks to which it will be possible to fully use the device for its intended purpose. All works are carried out by experienced specialists who, if desired, will conduct detailed consultations and qualified training in operation.

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

Our company provides all types of warranty and after-sales service of the goods purchased from us. Works are conducted by masters of the highest category. We are ready to quickly and accurately repair the equipment or replace it if necessary. Principles of work "Novator Lab" - reliability and efficiency, professionalism and quality.


Products are certified in accordance with the requirements of normative and technical documentation. All manufactured and available equipment is certified according to state quality standards. In addition, when manufacturing products, we use the best modern technologies, strict control is carried out at all stages of the production process.


Delivery of orders is carried out on the entire territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. We cooperate with reliable transport companies, who promptly and carefully deliver your order, and you can not worry about the integrity and safety of the expensive equipment on the way.