Vortex Advantage. Operator Training Simulator.

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Vortex Advantage. Operator Training Simulator.

The Scalable, Aff ordable, All-in-one

Vortex simulators bridge the learning gap between the classroom and the worksite

Introducing the Vortex Advantage /

The Vortex Advantage construction crane and heavy equipment simulator is designed for maximum training fl exibility. With options for diff erent screen confi gurations, motion platform, instructor station, and hot-swappable control sets and pedals, the Vortex Advantage scales to training programs of all sizes and budgets.


  1. Grows with your needs. With options to add displays, motion, and more, the Vortex Advantage is designed to grow with you, whether you're providing individual instruction or group training. The optional instructor station and classroom manager provide tools to record and manage trainee progress.
  2. All-in-one training platform. The Vortex Advantage is ready for training on all types of lifting and earth-moving equipment — it features equipment-specific hot-swappable control sets and pedals. The 3-screen option also rotates to replicate crane and earth-moving equipment sightlines.
  3. Built to last. With a robust steel frame, commercial-grade displays, professional-grade controls and industrial shock-mounted computers, the Vortex Advantage is built to last. It is designed to service classrooms and mobile trailer usage with 24-7 operations for years of learning.

 Meet the Vortex Advantage

  1. IMMERSIVE DISPLAYS. With leading worksite visuals, the view from the cab matches the view from the seat of the actual equipment. Select from a single-display option 3 displays, or 5 for maximum trainee engagement.
  2. BUILT TOUGH. With rugged high-quality steel frame and parts, the Vortex Advantage is built tough for the demands of a busy classroom.
  3. PROFESSIONAL-GRADE CONTROLS. Train many equipment types on a single simulator — with no need to shut down the simulator to change control sets or pedals.
  4. FEEL THE MOTION. For full trainee immersion, the optional motion platform replicates the motion and vibration experienced while traveling, digging, and lifting.
  5. OPERATOR TOUCHSCREEN. The touchscreen makes it easy for the student to log in and switch between training exercises, and also acts as the equipment computer interface, including safe load indicator (LMI/SLI), auxiliary controls, andoperator's dashboard.
  6. STREAMLINED DESIGN. Rugged industrial PCs are shock mounted inside the Vortex Advantage for 1- and 3-display options. This minimises the simulator footprint, and with no visible cables makes for the industry's only tamper-proof "plug and play" training solution.